Donation, payment & refund policy

Hello,   The following article describes any and all monetary transactions between the **User** *(a person partaking in any of Gambit services)* and the **Gambit**. Please take the required time to read the policy as it holds critical information regards monetary transactions. If you do not fully agree this policy do not submit any monetary transactions. Gambit has the right to change, supplement, or delete this policy at any time, informing you about this by posting the update in our Discord channel and also on the website. Donators don′t have more importance in what they say than any other User. This means, that every User that donates are to be treated equally the same as non-donating Users. ___ ### Donation policy All monetary transactions towards Gambit **are handled as donations**. Donations are used to maintain and furtherly develop the entertainment options Gambit offers the User. At any point of time Gambit **does not require** the User to pay for the continuation of the services provided, therefor any monetary transaction towards Gambit are **considered as voluntary**.   ### Refund policy Gambit **does not refund** any donations as the transactions are final and voluntary. By submitting a donation to Gambit you agree not to dispute the payment nor ask for a partial or a full refund.   ### Digital points The User is given donator points, known as Bits, to give him a record of the donation. The user is allowed to give up his donator points for digital items.   ### Support We recommend contacting Gambit via Discord for assistance if you experience any issues regarding a donation.
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    The following article describes any and all monetary transactions between Gambit and its service users.