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Event Farmzone


Event Farmzone
  • Published Sunday, September 3, 2023 8:42 AM
  • Last modified Sunday, June 9, 2024 10:28 AM

Event Farmzone

To access the Event Farmzone, head to the portal located in the HV next to the questgiver Syah. Please note that only players at Level 170 or higher are eligible to enter the Event Farmzone.

Buffs and Entry

Upon entering the Event Farmzone, players will have 30 minutes to earn various strong buffs. A special entry buff enables players to enter and exit the event farm zone at their convenience during this time. It is important to note that players can only enter the event farmzone a maximum of 3 times consecutively.

Entry Points and Items

Players will receive a new entry point every 2 hours, allowing them to collect up to a maximum of 3 entry points at once. In the Event Farmzone, the following items can be obtained:

  • [EVENT] Energy of Strength (Increases strength by 5% for 30min)
  • [EVENT] Energy of Vitality (Increases vitality by 5% for 30min)
  • [EVENT] Energy of Dexterity (Increases Dexterity by 5% for 30min)
  • [EVENT] Energy of Intelligence (Increases intelligence by 5% for 30min)
  • [EVENT] Energy of Willpower (Increases willpower by 5% for 30min)
  • [EVENT] Energy of P.Ang (Increases P.Ang by 5% for 30min)
  • [EVENT] Energy of M.Ang (Increases M.Ang by 5% for 30min)
  • [EVENT] Energy of P.Abw and M.Abw (Increases P.Abw and M.Abw by 5% for 30min)
  • [EVENT] Energy of Accuracy and M.Accuracy (Increases Accuracy and M.Accuracy by 5% for 30min)
  • [EVENT] Critical Power Energy (Increases Critical Power by 5% for 30min)

Please note that all items are account bound and have a duration of 14 days.

Energy Converter Box

During the event, players can find the "Energy Converter Box" in the [Marketplace](https://play-rappelz.com/market]. The box contains 50x Energy Converter, priced at 500 Sapphire. Players can also opt for the following bundles:

  • [!266134:500:1]
  • [!266134:2299:5]
  • [!266134:4499:10]

Energy Converters can be utilized with the Energy Buffs to remove the account binding and the 14 days timer. Additionally, combining the two will increase the duration of the buff from 30 to 60 minutes.

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