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Community Rules & Regulations

Community Rules & Regulations


The following document outlines a set of rules and regulations designed to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players within our community. It is important for all players to familiarize themselves with these rules in order to avoid any potential violations. GamBit reserves the right to determine what constitutes a violation, and may take appropriate action as deemed necessary.

Account Rules

  1. Each individual is permitted to have only one account. Sharing accounts is strictly prohibited, and any loss resulting from account sharing will not be compensated.

General Conduct

  1. Respect and courtesy towards others are expected at all times.
  2. Display fair and sportsmanlike behavior. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  3. Individual responsibility is paramount. Even if provoked, engaging in conflicts is considered a personal choice.
  4. Harassment of other players, whether through verbal or player-versus-player means, is strictly forbidden.
  5. Exploiting bugs, whether intentional or accidental, will result in character roll-backs or permanent bans.

Player Stores

  1. Player store names must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Communication section.

Communication Guidelines

  1. Profanity, sexual harassment, trolling, or any other behavior that incites provocation is strictly prohibited.
  2. Sharing personal information without consent, including names, addresses, and social media accounts, is forbidden.
  3. Avoid flooding chat with excessive or meaningless messages. This includes the excessive use of emojis and punctuation marks.
  4. Do not engage in spamming or posting advertisements, including links to external resources and third-party projects.
  5. Promotion or encouragement of drug and alcohol use is strictly prohibited.
  6. Slandering or spreading intentionally false information about the game, administration, or other players is not allowed.
  7. Game errors that may result in unfair advantages should be reported to the administration and not discussed openly.
  8. The global chat and trade channels are designated for English only.


Violations of the communication guidelines will result in infraction points, with each point resulting in a 60-minute mute. Accumulating multiple infraction points will result in longer mutes.

Third-Party Software

  1. The use of third-party software or hardware to gain an unfair advantage, profit, or simplify gameplay is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of macros on macro-enabled hardware.


The following penalties will be applied for the use of third-party software:

  • First offense: 24-hour "Mark of the Criminal" debuff, disabling attacks and skills.
  • Second offense: 72-hour service block.
  • Third offense: Permanent service block.

Gameplay Rules

  1. Account holders must be present and available to disprove any automatically assigned actions upon request by a staff member or nearby player. Away-from-keyboard actions that contribute to the overall gameplay experience are not allowed.
  2. Deliberately hindering the gameplay experience of other players is prohibited.
  3. Trading game items with other players implies consent, and any lost items in such transactions will not be recovered.
  4. Real money trading is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent bans for all parties involved.

Player-versus-Enemy Rules

Player-versus-Enemy refers to interactions with non-player entities in the game.

  1. Do not steal farming spots from other players. Killing a player and taking over their spot is considered theft.
  2. Do not steal kills from other players when it comes to non-player entities such as Boss monsters and Quest targets.


Penalties for Player-versus-Enemy violations will consider intention, dynamics, and duration of the action. The following is a potential guideline for penalties, but may not be exhaustive:

  • Each offense will result in an "Mark of the Criminal" debuff, with the duration determined by the square of the infraction count. For example, a 2nd infraction would result in a 4-hour debuff, while a 3rd infraction would result in a 9-hour debuff.

Player-versus-Player Rules

Player-versus-Player interactions are allowed in all PK enabled zones, except for a specific area known as Hotoga.


Camping in player-versus-player instances refers to occupying a specific area.

  1. Area Camping: Players may control and kill other players entering a specific area, as long as the targeted player is given a chance to leave before being killed. This is allowed in certain instances, such as camping an objective or an area with alternative routes.
  2. Body Camping: Repeatedly killing the same target in the vicinity without allowing them a chance to leave is forbidden.


Penalties for Player-versus-Player violations will consider intention, dynamics, and duration. The following is a potential guideline for penalties, but may not be exhaustive:

  • First offense: 1-hour "Mark of the Criminal" debuff.
  • Second offense: 6-hour "Mark of the Criminal" debuff.
  • Third offense: 24-hour "Mark of the Criminal" debuff.
  • Fourth offense: 48-hour "Mark of the Criminal" debuff.
  • Fifth offense: 24-hour service block.
  • Sixth offense: 72-hour service block.
  • Seventh offense: 7-day service block.
  • Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from adherence to them.
  • Creating a new account binds you to our "Community Rules & Regulations", acknowledged in the previous step. Please review and adhere to these guidelines for a positive community experience. Not being aware of the rules does not exempt you from compliance. Contact support for any clarifications.